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We are proud to collaborate with a number of organisations who are working to prevent babies dying before, during or after birth and providing support for bereaved families.

Pregnancy & Baby Charities Network

Kit Tarka Foundation is proud to be a member of the Pregnancy & Baby Charities Network, a group of UK charities whose focus includes one or more of the following:

  • To reduce the number of babies who die during pregnancy, birth or in the early weeks of life

  • To reduce morbidity in newborn babies and improve care for these babies and their parents

  • To improve care throughout the path to parenthood; before, during and after pregnancy and after losing a baby or pregnancy

We have developed a manifesto, which sets out our three main aims:

  • Make the UK the safest place in the world in which to have a baby, regardless of ethnicity, income or circumstances.

  • Give all sick and premature babies the best chance of survival and quality of life.

  • Provide every family with the bereavement care they need after pregnancy or baby loss.

Baby Loss Awareness Week Alliance

Kit Tarka Foundation is a member of the Baby Loss Awareness Week Alliance, a group of organisations who are committed to raising awareness of pregnancy and baby loss, providing support to anyone affected by pregnancy loss and the death of a baby, working with health professionals and services to improve bereavement care, and reducing preventable deaths. 

Kit Tarka Foundation are proud to lead on the Spotlight series which is a prevention initiative shining a monthly spotlight on preventable causes of pregnancy and baby loss. Follow the hashtag #BLAWPrevention to find out more.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is held from 9-15 October every year and is an opportunity:

  • To support bereaved parents and families and to unite with others across the world to commemorate their babies’ lives and lost pregnancies.


  • To raise awareness about pregnancy and baby loss.


  • To drive improvements in care and support for anyone affected and in the prevention of pregnancy and baby loss.

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