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Think Hands And No Kisses Campaign

Young babies are particularly susceptible to infections, yet more than 1 in 6 mothers and birthing parents in our Babies at Risk: Neonatal Herpes Awareness survey would allow a person that they did not know well to touch their baby without first washing their hands. A third of parents said they would not ask family and friends to wash their hands before holding their very young baby. 

Despite increased public awareness of infection control practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost half of the mothers and birthing parents surveyed stated that they would allow friends and family to kiss their very young baby. This figure may have been even higher prior to the pandemic.

As part of the open responses in the survey, numerous parents reported that their babies had been touched by strangers or held or kissed by friends or family members without consent being given. Responses suggested that some parents were aware of the potential risks of spreading infection but did not feel comfortable or able to ask others to change their behaviour.

As a result of these findings we have launched a campaign to remind anyone coming into contact with a young baby to remember their

T-H-A-N-K-S: Think Hands And No Kisses!

Below you will find resources to join in with the THANKS campaign and help keep young babies safe.

If you are sharing on social media please tag @KitTarka and use the hashtag #ThinkHandsAndNoKisses.

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