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Neonatal Herpes Stories
Joshua's story

By Peter's sister; Katie

This is the story of my older brother Peter.


Peter was born in 1977 a perfect healthy baby boy. At 6 weeks (ironically straight after his 6 week check up) he had a seizure. Unfortunately by the time the doctors/health professionals discovered what was wrong he had already suffered brain damage from herpes induced encephalitis. He lived his short life (38 years) being severely disabled. He lived in a group home with other extremely disabled people. 

I became more involved with his life when I moved to Adelaide from the country when I started university. The pain and sadness I feel towards him having had such a crappy life and my mum's suffering has never decreased. I'm glad we were able to be with him when he passed and I hope he knew he was a loved and missed member of our family. I think having Peter in my life has definitely impacted on who I am and helped me decide on becoming a health professional to help others.


I like to share his story to help educate people on the herpes virus and that it's not just a "cold sore". It can be a life shattering virus. 

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