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‘GoOrange!’ to save babies’ lives

Baby charity Kit Tarka Foundation asks the general public to ‘GoOrange!’ to raise awareness of the dangers of the herpes virus in newborns.

In the week of 18-24 April, supporters across the country are being encouraged to ‘GoOrange!’ in whatever way suits them to raise awareness of neonatal herpes (the cold sore virus in babies).

In a recent survey, Kit Tarka Foundation discovered that 6 in 10 parents do not know that herpes infections in young babies can be fatal, despite the fact that 70% of the UK population carry the infection. The awareness and funds raised by ‘GoOrange!’ are vital in making many more people aware of the dangers of the herpes virus in newborns and saving lives as a result.

‘GoOrange!’ was born out of lockdown restrictions in 2019 but was so successful that it is now a much-anticipated annual event. Supporters are encouraged to wear orange, walk in orange, make ‘orangeries’ of orange items, bake orange cakes, take a picture of something orange or do anything else involving the colour orange! People can join in wherever they live, and all ages and abilities are very welcome - it really is an event for everyone.

The charity has been donated some brilliant prizes for various competition categories such as ‘best-dressed individual’ and ‘most creative orangerie’.

Kit Tarka Foundation CEO Sarah de Malplaquet said “GoOrange! has become our favourite event of the year, we so enjoy watching all the joyous orange pictures come in and have been so impressed with the creativity! Some of the ‘orangeries’ and portraits have been amazing but we also love how easy it is for anyone, anywhere, to get involved with a quick snap. And the most amazing thing is that so many more people are now aware of the dangers of neonatal herpes”

Renowned street photographer JJ Waller has documented the event over the last couple of years by taking some incredible orange-based portraits and has kindly agreed to do so again.

Anyone interested in supporting can sign up at Everyone who registers will be emailed a downloadable GoOrange! pack with printable photo booth accessories, otter mask and a scavenger hunt.


1. Last year’s photos can be found here and the JJ Waller portraits here.

2. For further information contact Sarah de Malplaquet, CEO at

3. More information about Kit Tarka Foundation can be found at

4. Information and advice about neonatal herpes can be found at

Last year supporters went the extra mile with their fabulous costumes


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